We Are iBTCG
Foreign Exchange Expert

iBTCG is one of the world's leading specialist foreign exchange consultancies. We are a dynamic business with a global reach,
serving a growing spread of corporate and private clients throughout the UK, US, Europe, Asia, the Middle East and Australasia.

We Are iBTCG
Foreign Exchange Expert

We are the expert in foreign exchange and emerging markets fixed income has close to
20 years of experience in global foreign exchange and fixed income markets.

We Are iBTCG
Foreign Exchange Expert

For 20 years he served as global head of foreign exchange, emerging marketing
and money markets at most of the largest international investment banks.

We Are iBTCG
Foreign Exchange Expert

iBTCG is an innovative financial consulting firm that delivers highly specialized trading markets intelligence to clients around the world.

Save Your Time

You Could

  • Streamline your international payment process
  • Consolidate your payments
  • Pay virtually any person in 80 currencies, regardless of whether they accept card payments

Cut Your Costs

You Could:

  • Minimise currency exchange impact
  • Reduce transaction costs

Take Control

You Could:

  • Get full spend visibility and upfront exchange rates
  • Quickly take advantage of unanticipated opportunities
  • Get consistent and consolidated data reporting
  • Schedule your international payments

Our Services

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Order Watch Trading Services

You can Pre-set target rates with conversion amounts. Once your target rate is reached, we will convert the target currencies between your accounts or notify you by Rate Alert.

Market Updates

Take advantage of our market updates provided by our experts – make informed, timely investment decisions.

Immediate EX Orders

Make an on-the-spot exchange for the most popular foreign currency online.

Global View and Global Transfers

Make real-time transfer to any accounts in most countries with Global Transfer.

Margin Foreign Exchange service

You can trade currencies 24 hours a day through our trading service specially designed online platforms with choices of most currencies.

24/7 Online Support

Our experienced consultants can show you how to use foreign exchange to enhance your importing and exporting opportunities, protect profit margins, and enter new markets to grow your business.


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758 Employees
97 % Satisfaction
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iBTCG started providing foreign exchange and payment services in 1999 from a single office location in Central London.Our goal is to set the standards in the foreign exchange industry by delivering the best and most comprehensive services to our customers. Our experience shows that if we serve our clients well, success will follow.

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We Are Experienced

At iBTCG, we not only provide a vital degree of visibility,  but we are renowned by our clients for our trust and reliability. 


We Are Expert

For anyone sending money abroad, we are the first and only choice for thousands of satisfied people and companies who value our personal service, reinforced by advanced technology.


We Are Trusted

iBTCG is trusted and used by individuals and companies from a diverse range of backgrounds and sectors.


You’ll love to here that out customer always provide positive feedback after they used our service. So you are always welcome to use our service anytime.


We understand that your needs are becoming increasingly global. Members of your family may be living abroad, your business interests may span many countries, and both your financial and real-estate assets are likely to be international. So you need a service that works effectively across borders and time zones.

Our foreign exchange team offers an expert, integrated and global foreign exchange service.

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